Friday, October 29, 2010

Preschool Week of 10/29

Ok, I'm not sure I can keep up with so much change in my life. Very little got accomplished this week, but we are currently entertaining our last set of visitors, so we'll have our time to ourselves soon. Maybe we can develop a routine? Oh, wait, no, because Crumpet and I are starting another something new next week... I'll fill you in on that soon. For now, my head is just spinning.
A few things did happen this week:
Last weekend, we went to a Halloween bash at the military beach. It was lots of fun, and we participated in a scavenger hunt with friends. Our team won 2nd place, and we won a free night in a cabin on the beach, along with some rounds of mini-golf and a peddle bike rental. We'll all go camping in a few weeks! There was a costume contest and trick or treating during the day too.
Crumpet thought he would be brave enough to go through the haunted forest after dark, but he and his friends lasted about 5 seconds and we had to leave!

Parent Participation Preschool was a nightmare. I knew I shouldn't comment when it was going well... Monday, Crumpet refused to go in until after circle time, and was quite difficult throughout class. Wednesday, we skipped class because it was costume day, and I just wasn't sure Crumpet would cope well with the change in routine. And we just got news that the school is moving to a whole new building in 2 weeks. Really? More change? I'm on the verge of giving up on the school. We've been doing so well the rest of the week, and school is so painful. Any ideas? Should I keep pushing this on him? If we're going to homeschool anyway, does he really need to learn to function in a group like this? Maybe he'll handle this kind of thing better in a few years? Or, should I give it til the New Year and see if he finally settles? Sigh. It would be nice to have a husband to discuss this with!
Crumpet and I went geocaching twice at his request, so we had plenty of nature time. And we went to the Halloween story hour at the library today. It was costume day with trick or treating.
As for book work, very little was done. We did a bit of math, most of which involved working with pennies. Crumpet is beginning to add and subtract in his head without even thinking about it. I convinced him to reread the last Progressive Phonics book, but I'm having him read many of the 'parent' words in addition to the words he read before. He is beginning to be able to read words that don't make phonetic sense by thinking about the context of the words and looking at some of the letters in the words. It's such an amazing process to watch.
I meant to start our Mexico unit so we could be ready for the Day of the Dead next week, but to no avail. Not sure we'll be ready in time.
For now, we are enjoying the little dog who is staying here with his owners (we want a dog, we want a dog so much...), and getting very excited about Halloween. Crumpet has changed his mind 3 times about what he will be, so it's going to be a surprise for everyone this year. I just hope he sticks to something in the costume bucket.
Sorry, this is kind of a whiny, disjointed post. Tired...


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry you had a rough week! Getting it all out is one of the great benefits of blogging, don't you think? ;)

    I actually threatened Matthew with sending him to preschool this week. Not my finest Mommy-moment. We both cried. I was making it all about myself and my plans and forgetting about listening to my heart and seeing what he really needs. Turns out he learned plenty, just not what I had planned. At 4 it's just so much more important that they feel secure and loved than anything else. Crumpet WILL learn everything he needs to know - he's a very bright boy (genius even, remember? ;)). Right now it sounds like he's interested in being outside and learning about nature, and that is PERFECT for his age!! You are doing a wonderful job, Mama! :)

  2. Ok, I just re-read your post and I'm not sure my first comment was really in tune with your post. Obviously Crumpet is doing amazingly well if he's doing math in his head and reading words that aren't phonetically easy! Wow!

    I'd say with all the upheaval in his life right now (he may still be reeling from the move, and then having Dad gone too...) it's perfectly sensible that he would act these feelings out in some way. Maybe he feels like adjusting to these changes in his life is enough work right now without any more expectations being placed on him about being "sociable" in a group setting. Idk, that's just my 2 cents worth. Now YOU tell ME what to say to a little boy who doesn't want to go to preschool at all, but is terribly lonely for friends. :(

  3. we haven't made a chance to go geocacheing, but I have downloaded the app and know of three that I am dieing to go find!!!

  4. It sounds like a very busy time for you all. I think that maybe Crumpet craves some quiet time, that's why he resists going to school and deal with fast-paced environment. It's also possible that all the activities of non-school days are infinitely more interesting to him than school drudgery. Maybe it makes sense to stick with it at least until Christmas and make up your mind then.