Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Practicing Gratitude: 1000 Gifts

Jamie, over at Jamie's Cottage, has been listing 1000 things she is grateful for, and reading her posts always makes me smile and inspires me to write my own list. But I never do it - I just write it in my head. Today was such a nice day hiking and geocaching with Crumpet in beautiful places that I just can't procrastinate any more. I'm feeling very grateful for my life today, and I want to share! It's a pretty random list that I've been collecting for a while. So here goes:
1000 Things I Am Grateful For:
1) My husband
2) My son
3) My cats
3) Living in Hawaii
4) Turquoise blue water

The Ko'olau mountains
6) The house the military is renting to us
7) The 2 houses we own and can't sell in this crummy economy, but are someday going to be worth something so we have an income when we retire ;0
8) My amazing family
9) The wonderful home we found for the dog we had to leave behind (thanks Mom and Dad)
10) My mostly healthy body
11) Methimazole - the drug which treats the thyroid disease that made my body very sick a year ago
12)Health insurance
13) The US Navy, which offers a pretty stable job to my hubby and allows me to lead the life I love
14) Being able to stay home with my son
15) Having choices about how to educate my son
16) Homeschooling
17) Friends, everywhere
18) All of my travel experience
19) All of the bad things that have happened to me which have made me who I am
20) Moving, all the time. It has made me strong and brave and more curious about the world.
21) My garden
22) Food
23) The internet
24) Books
25) My wonderful Toyota Corolla, which just keeps on going.
26) Being able to afford two cars, so I have the freedom to get out and about.
27) Chocolate crepes
28) Exercise
29) Art
30) My camera
31) Having a box of costumes for Crumpet to choose from for Halloween. He had made a decision and we were all set, and then he changed his mind. But we already owned the required outfit. Phew!
32) My car GPS. Couldn't get anywhere on this island without it!
33) My geocaching GPS.
34) Finding wonderful veterinarians in every place we've lived
35) Skype
36) Animals - all animals
37) Crumpet can read
38) Little boy giggles
39) Crumpet's teacher at preschool
40) Snuggling close with my little man as he falls asleep
41) Cats purring
42) Hot water
43) Air conditioning
44) My internet connection was on the fritz tonight, and I fixed it myself!
45) Scented candles
46) Wine
47) Netflix
48) Rain
49) Couch covers
50) A washer and dryer in the house

It turns out that a thousand gifts is a lot, and I think I'll try to post 50 a week or so. Or more, when the mood strikes. I hope you are also having a day full of things to be grateful for!


  1. Oooohhhhh, this could be fun.

  2. Great post! I love that you are grateful even for bad things. It looks like you live the life you love.