Saturday, October 23, 2010


Do you remember how annoyed I was last week because Crumpet didn't want to make a mosaic, like the artist Gaudi? Today, we were playing with his Unifix cubes (one of the best purchases ever!) and he said, "Hey Mom, do you remember that artist that made the lizard with the squares? I'm him and I'm making a mosaic (I had to remind him of the correct word)!" And he created a big pile of cubes, which was his mosaic. Hmm, it seems even when he's throwing a fit about not wanting to do something, he is learning...
And here is Crumpet (who has decided pants are unnecessary, sorry...) working with his Geoboard. What? You don't see it? This is what school looked like today - Crumpet was a sloth in a tree, and occasionally climbed down to participate in the educational process.


  1. all of my kids think pants are optional.

    I love seeing what my kids have soaked up and use when they're playing too.

  2. Crumpet definitely has a mind of his own. As you said - even though he pretends that he is not learning he does learn.