Saturday, September 11, 2010

Preschool Week of 9/10

So in the end, I didn't unplug for very long...But I did manage to get a lot done, and I spent lots of time with Crumpet. He ended up getting very sick - alternating between a horrible cold and all night vomiting sessions - for the week, so we were forced to stay home. That helped get everything reorganized around here. And, incredibly, we did get a lot of school work done.

Reading: We finished the first beginner book in Progressive Phonics and started the next. I tried video taping Crumpet while he reads, but it makes him panic, and suddenly, he can't remember his letter sounds, or starts adding letters to words... So Grammy doesn't get to see him read yet.. Maybe soon. Or maybe she'll visit?
Spanish: We are starting very slowly with our Spanish program. We're just doing one new topic a week, and I repeat it often during the week. We can say "Hello, what's your name?" And "My name is ___" And we can count to ten. And the big miracle is that Crumpet will say the numbers with the CD! He won't do it for me, but he'll do it for the lady on the computer... So I know he's learning.
We spent all of Labor Day weekend outdoors, which was wonderful. There is a beach on the north shore which is known for its sea turtle population. We stop by whenever we're up there, and we always see a turtle or two. This time, they were packed 2 or 3 deep all the way down the beach. Crumpet's dad took him out swimming with them, and the boys were surrounded by turtles.
The 'rock' in the middle of the picture below is a turtle.
We also went hiking out to a lighthouse and spent some time geocaching on the way. Geocaching is becoming an obsession of Crumpet's and mine, and I'll write a post about it soon.
Crumpet chose the book Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seuss while we were at the library. Of course, we had to make Oobleck!
That stuff is weird! Crumpet touched it once and decided that it was too gross and I could play with it myself. So he became photographer:
Crumpet saw someone growing seeds on a paper towel on PBS. We've done that before, and he asked to repeat the project. I just so happen to have bought a 'root viewer' at Cracker Barrel in Georgia, and I was waiting for the right time to use it.
We filled it up with dirt and planted a few seeds.
And they sprouted overnight. Seriously. Talk about gratification for a 4 year old!

We broke out some of the new supplies I bought at the education store. It was the first time I've seen Crumpet interested in crafting in ages. We got this cool set of textured paint stamps:
And made sea scenes:
And we made paper dolls:
It was a great week, despite all the illness around here. For more preschool posts, go to Homeschool Creations.

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  1. I am glad to see that you back, and sorry that Crumpet got so sick. I am so jealous of all the nature you see every day. Anna also sometimes does things on the computer that she wouldn't do otherwise. The root viewer looks like so much fun!