Monday, April 19, 2010

Pirate Birthday Party

Crumpet has been planning a pirate birthday party since the day after his Lightning McQueen party last year. At last, it came to pass on Sunday! He could barely contain himself the whole week before. We ended up having beautiful weather for the day, and all of Crumpet's friends were there. It was a good celebration of Crumpet turning 4 (I have a 4 year old??? - as of tomorrow, I guess I do. Yikes!), and also a last chance for us all to get together.

I made pirate cupcakes:
And a pirate ship cake:
We had a very simple scavenger hunt. I stuck plastic bugs up around the yard, and gave each family a sheet with pictures of all the bugs they needed to find. There were prizes if the kids found 10, 15 or all of the bugs. Everyone found them all - there was a lot of cooperating going on, which was awesome to see!
Crumpet and his dad searching for bugs:
The whole group looking together for one of the hardest-to-find bugs:
Crumpet and a friend discussing where to find the last few bugs:
We had a pirate ship pinata:
And Crumpet got some awesome presents:
Here's the whole gang:
Every year, after these parties, I say "Never Again!" because they are exhausting! But Crumpet is already planning his Star Wars party for next year, so I guess I'd better start thinking of ideas...


  1. His party looked like alot of fun though I imagine it was also bittersweet for you. Love the pirate cake and cupcakes! How adorable! You did a great job! I also liked the bug game- how fun. Happy Birthday to Crumpet! Bet he thinks he's something now that he's 4!:)

  2. Awesome party! Love the cakes.

  3. Happy birthday to Crumpet! It looks like this party was a great success. The scavenger hunt looks like a lot of fun! Good luck with Star Wars party :)

  4. I love birthdays..and that was a Rockin party! I love the scavenger hunt...great idea! The whole thing looks like a blast!

  5. Those pirate cupcakes are adorable. You are amazing for doing all of this... wow! It looks like a great day (hope you are recovering, hee hee)! Happy Birthday, Crumpet!

  6. That was Diego's 4th birthday theme in December too. I guess little boys are all about the same. You rocked on the cupcakes and cake! I wish we could have done a scavenger hunt too but it was too cold. Looks like you had great party!