Monday, April 19, 2010

The Art Box - April 19

This week, Crumpet drew a fish. I think it actually looks like a fish!
He made a snowman...because when it's 86 degrees out, what else would you be thinking about??
And, one day, he came to me requesting "socks, cardboard, and some glue". I said, "Huh? Um, ok?" He had been watching something on t.v. and was inspired to make his own doll. It's a rabbit doll:
When we opened the craft cupboard to look for glue, Crumpet found lots of other cool things to add to the doll. I think it's adorable!
(Crumpet did learn an important life lesson while making this doll - hot glue is really hot, and maybe it should be a Mommy job to work with it... He never believed me before.)


  1. That bunny is amazing! What a great craft that would be for any kid! I love his fish, it really does look like a fish! And I cracked up about the snowman... believe it or not M insisted on watching Frosty the Snowman last week. It just felt wrong to me, but whatever. :)

  2. LOVE the doll. What a good Mommy to let him use the socks.

  3. What an awesome doll!! How creative! Good job Crumpet.

  4. I love the creativity! Kids are the best! I hope you are settling in! Are you enjoying where you are now?

  5. This is so awesome that Crumpet was inspired to make something from what he saw on TV. This doll is super cute! Did you really let him handle hot glue gun? Wow - you are brave :) Anna is begging for it, but I am not biting - at least not yet.

  6. I love that you went with his desire to use socks! Kudos to you!