Sunday, April 4, 2010

Art Box - April 5

Crumpet has been experimenting with different media this week.

Cardboard and lots of glue (this is a bridge):
He colored a random glass jar I had saved:
He also colored a paper Easter egg, at my request, but clearly wasn't interested:
And, we decorated Easter eggs. We got a really cool kit with tons of possibilities. He dyed the one below, then stamped it with foam stamps and paint, then glued on beads:
Mulitple colors and glitter:
He worked with stickers. This is a pirate battle scene. After I took the picture, he "blew up" the ships by peeling them off the paper and cutting them into tiny pieces.
A friend mentioned that he will probably have to draw a person at his 4 year check up so the doctor can check his development. He has drawn maybe 2 people in his life, so I got a little nervous and asked him to draw one just to see what is likely to happen. I guess he has the general idea (I asked him to add arms, his person had none...)
The Easter bunny brought some little magnets to paint.
After he painted them, he decided that he would send them back to the Easter bunny as a thank you gift for the other things which were in his basket. So he wrapped them in wrapping paper:
And mailed them! Now, um, what do I do with them??


  1. Maybe send them off to Grandma?
    Looks like some fun projects.

  2. It was a busy arts week in your house. I love the idea of blowing up ships by physically destroying them. Anna also sometimes insists on sending out gifts to her friends, and she loves to wrap them in the paper first. I guess those magnets "have to go" now :)

  3. That egg kit looks awesome, I've never thought of gluing on beads, how neat! He is just so funny with his pirate stories (although I did notice the eye patch is missing). :) I love his drawing of a person, those early drawings are so priceless! Thanks for linking up!