Monday, November 30, 2009

The Art Box 2

Once again, the Art Box was an eye opening experience for me. Crumpet talks non-stop all day long, and it is fascinating to hear what is going on inside that little head when I hand him the art supplies and he decides how to use them. This week, NOTHING has gone as I expected it to, and the Art Box was no different. I only gave him a couple of supplies per sitting this week, and we used the box on 2 different days.

The first time he had glitter glue, small jewel stickers and construction paper. This was really just an extension of something else we were working on, but since it was totally open ended, I decided to add it to this post. This was Crumpet's first time using glitter glue and he loved it. Me, not so much. There is still glitter stuck to my kitchen floor! Fortunately, I'm not much of a housekeeper...
Anyway, this picture is a maze through which the hero must travel to rescue a princess:
And this is some kind of space scene, but the jewel stickers in the middle of it are horse food. Hmm...
The second time I provided the Art Box, I gave Crumpet sheets of foam, Foamies in the shapes of firefighters, fire engines, etc. (these have sticky backs and are supposed to be used as stickers), paint pens for the Foamies, craft sticks, glue, a new set of rubber stamps, and construction paper.
This was really, really foolish on my part. I mean really, I should know better. The Foamie fire engines immediately became toys and Crumpet didn't want to do any art. So, I took the opportunity to teach him how to make puppets with craft sticks, and we had a little puppet show:
Then, he did decide to use the stamps. He stamped the Foamie characters, and used them to transfer the stamps to the construction paper by rubbing them against the paper. It was something that never would have occurred to me.
And that's what I really like about the Art Box. It's a whole new window into Crumpet's mind...


  1. This is amazing! Crumpet is such an interesting little boy... I love how he used the supplies. LOL about the glitter glue. It's got to be better than just plain old glitter though, right? :) I am impressed that he had the idea about rubbing the paper on the stamps. Also, the horse food in the middle of space - what's so strange about that?? ;)

  2. That's what I also like about true open-ended activities - insights into my daughter's mind that appears to be entirely food-oriented :) I think the same thing would happen to foamies here too, but I like other creations by Crumpet