Wednesday, May 23, 2012

LEGO Digital Designer

Crumpet comes to me with a lot of involved and complicated craft plans. He definitely tests my creativity. Once, he saw jousting on t.v. and instantly needed a lance, a horse, and a stable. I've had to learn to sew, , build, draw, paint , and use tape in a myriad of ways at a moments notice. If you present him with a simple craft project, the answer is either no, or yes, but...lets make it better like this. And it becomes very elaborate. And if it's not exactly as he imagined it would be, His Royal Highness is not pleased.
So... yesterday, he came to me and said "Hey Mom.! Could you find me something online where I can create anything I want and color it the way I want and move it around and ... and... and  there were many requirements. I thought "What? Oh no! How will I manage this one?" But guess what? LEGO has exactly what Crumpet was asking for, here:  And it's awesome.
Have fun!


  1. YAY! What a find!
    A friend of mine was telling me recently how her son was furious that he can't go out and get a job yet (he's 8). He's decided he wants to work for LEGO, so she emailed them and asked how exactly one applies to work there. They actually took the time to send her ALL the information about their vetting process for designers, including challenges they put before them, what kind of education they require, etc, so that he can start working on it now if he really wants to pursue it in the future.
    It made for a great story, but he was still perturbed that they can't hire 8 year olds. ;)

  2. I can't wait to see Crumpet's creations :)

  3. Thanks for the link...I have a few here who will love this!