Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Practicing Gratitude Gifts 651-675

Wow, where have I been?? We had visitors a few weeks ago, and it's taking some time to get back into the swing of things...
I have so much to be grateful for:
651: Visitors!
652: I finally got to hug the good friend who lost her mother in May. It was SO good to spend some time with her.
653: Having a friend who understands me and has the same thoughts at the same time even though we live thousands of miles apart. I could not live without this friend.
654: We got to visit some tourist sites that we had not been to yet.
655: Hand feeding wild birds.

656: Great books and time to read them.
657: My dad is out of the hospital.
658: I've been married 8 years today!
659: The fall t.v. season has started.
660: Netflix is not splitting into 2 companies.
661: An all in one copier-scanner-printer- fax machine. Who knew how much I needed that?
662: Fresh macademia nuts.
663: Great, crazy tour guides.
664: Caramel flavored calcium chews.
665: I gave up Facebook, and it feels good to be free!
666: Friends gave us an ice cream maker - I'm excited to use it!
667: Unlimited texting.
668: School is easier these days.
669: New swim fins for Crumpet - he can swim across the whole pool with them!
670: Leftovers.
671: Exciting vacation plans for December!
672: Another visitor will be here in November!
673: Good chats with my mom.
674: My grandparents just turned 85 (on the same day!).
675: Discounted gym classes.


  1. Good to see you back! Congratulations on your wedding anniversary - cute picture of Crumpet Sr!

  2. These are all AWESOME. Glad to hear you're doing well - kinda jealous about the freedom from Facebook. Maybe if I start raking in big bucks with the business I can delegate that to a Social Media Director. ;-)

    Happy anniversary - happy birthday to your grands - YAY for hugs and time with your friend and your dad being out of the hospital!!!

    Where ya goin for vacation? Hopefully not here - I won't be here. LOL