Monday, October 24, 2011

A good school day!

This is just one of those good days where things seem to be coming together.

Crumpet has been very interested in his stickers this week. He has made a million pictures with them. He also decorated a bunch of old postcards so he could "mail" them. We have a bunch of the free stickers that come from Disney, Highlights, and non-profits... He used the animal ones that look like stamps and put them in almost-the-right spot for stamps. (I think he was afraid to put anything on the words on the postcard saying 'place stamp here'.)
When he ran out of "stamps", he cleverly asked me to help him spell the word stamp and he used his letter stickers to write it out in the correct place!
He used up all of our state stickers, and I was amazed at how many state names he could read. We've never formally studied the states, and many of them are not easy to read! We have traveled cross country though, and we use the U.S. map for a variety of projects, so he must have heard a lot of the names by now...
Crumpet also asked me to draw a map of the world, and he helped me identify the names of continents and countries that we've studied. Then he placed wild animal stickers in their proper locations. I LOVE these days when he shows me what he's learned through play!!
In addition to stickering, Crumpet is all about coloring today. He had me print out a bunch of Halloween pictures and he has been coloring all day. IN THE LINES! His control of writing instruments has improved so much lately! And he's interested in the process. Woo hoo!!
He wanted to name all of the characters in his pictures, so he started writing out their names! Writing. Voluntarily! He spelled some of the words properly, but he forgot many of the rules he knows because he was concentrating on the writing. That's ok - he was actually putting his thoughts down on paper all by himself. I know I'm overly excited, but it's just so nice to see the skills we've been working on come to fruition. He has fought me so hard, but he's learning. Phew! Also, this week, we've been watching some Bill Nye the Science Guy DVDs and enjoying them. We are also working on odd and even numbers. I found an easy card game to practice the skill - "Slap It". It's essentially War, but every time someone turns over an odd number, you slap it. Whoever slaps it first gets the pile underneath. I'm pretty sure he's going to LOVE this...


  1. Wow - sounds like a great day to me! Isn't it great when everything seems to simply click together?

  2. YAY for good days! :-)

    I like the sound of the card game - great idea!

  3. Oh I love this post. :) I love "hearing" your happy and proud mama voice, and I just love Crumpet. He reminds me of someone I know. ;)

    He is doing an awesome job on everything and I'm going to keep the slap idea on hand for when we talk about even and odd numbers - it's a great idea!

    What a joy and encouragement good days like this are, aren't they? I hope you get plenty more of them in the next few weeks!!