Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Week of the Ziggurat

This week, we made a ziggurat as part of our Story of the World study of Mesopotamia. Crumpet was quite pleased with it. (Yes, it's very bright... ) It's so funny - I avoided these projects like the plague when I was in school, but now I really look forward to them. I'm guessing Crumpet won't remember most of the history we are learning right now, but hopefully, he will remember some of the projects... Or, at least, the time spent together.
We also made the leap to level 2 readers at the library. This was accompanied by much panic, and many "I can'ts", but what boy can resist a book about dinosaurs AND superheroes?? So, he joined me for a peek, and realized he could read almost all of this book.
Have a great week!


  1. My boys would love that book too.

  2. How exciting! This looks like totally a boy book.

  3. I guarantee he will remember what a great mom you are! I love all you do with him! Level 2 reading....HOORAY!!! I'm stuck at that same spot...he's ready...but he is afraid to try! Maybe I need to get that same book! =)