Monday, August 15, 2011

Practicing Gratitude Gifts 626-650

I've been writing down my gifts for a few weeks now, and it's funny to look back over them. It seems like forever since each thing happened. I guess I'd better post before they are ancient history...

626: I get the majority of my Vitamin D from the sun.
627: Hubby had a colonoscopy, and they found a precancerous growth. They removed it all.
628: I was able to share some baked yummies with friends, rather than eat them all myself.
629: We saw Harry Potter!
630: Crumpet had his first sleepover, and it went well!
631: Crumpet has been very snuggly lately and tells me loves me constantly.
632: I'm getting lots of sweet kisses too.
633: 'Girls only' shopping trips.
634: Clean hands!
635: School started for the neighbors. It is SO much easier to do schoolwork ourselves with no one ringing the doorbell to play at 8:15 am.
636: We have met Crumpet's new teacher twice now and she is amazing!
637: I bought lots of shorts for Crumpet before "winter" starts in Hawaii and they no longer sell shorts til "spring"... (It's ridiculous, but last year, I could not find shorts and we were desperate.)
638: I bought myself a swimsuit before they no longer sell swimsuits for 'winter'.
639: Crumpet had an ear infection, and we saw a doctor the very same day. Wow.
640: The ear infection is gone now.
641: Hubby had his shoulder surgery, and it went well.
642: Hubby has been home healing for almost 2 weeks, and we are not driving each other too crazy...
643: Dreams for our future trip around the world.
644: The kitty only has arthritis, not something disastrous..
645: I'm enjoying my photography class.
646: We explored a new botanical garden this weekend, while taking pictures for my photography homework.
647: Crumpet is doing better with handwriting!!
648: My first ever broccoli from the garden.
649: My first ever eggplant from the garden.
650: It's corn on the cob season!


  1. Glad to hear that your husband had a very timely colonoscopy. Yay for photography class and doing something for yourself.

  2. This is fantastic list...if we had a would be on my kids list from 1-1000! I really need to break down...and get them an animal...besides a fish!
    I really really really want to take a photography class...i really really really really need it! =)

    Hooray for good teachers, good shoulder surgeries, and NO ear infections! =)