Thursday, February 24, 2011

Practicing Gratitude Gifts 376-400

More good things to be happy about!
376: We didn't drown when the tent flooded last week on our camping trip!
377: The library had a copy of the book that DID drown in the tent, so I can finish reading it!
378: My joints!(They are giving me trouble right now, so I appreciate them more when they don't hurt!)
379: We have a great substitute yoga teacher who is helping me modify poses to help with the joint issue...
380: We leave for Maui on Sunday!!
381: I have a new snorkel mask which won't leak like my old one.
382: A kind neighbor has offered to watch the cats while we are away.
383: A kind friend has offered to drive us to and from the airport.
384: Travel guides. I LOVE them.
385: The evil, screaming, swearing neighbor has moved at last.
386:Our new neighbors seem to be quiet and nice.
387: We have a new sprinkler system so maybe I won't have to water the garden by hand so much, and hopefully, less water will be used.
388: I have always been serious about conservation. Military housing has started giving a credit to those who use less electricity than the average family, so my husband is finally on board with my green ways. We used $100 less than the average last month. Not a bad payoff for turning off the lights!
389: I finally organized some of our closets.
390: I've discovered that Goodwill is the best place to shop for clothes here - best selection, great deals. Seriously, the clothing stores are no good..
391: Another year of life.
392: Birthday calls from great friends and family.
393: Hand me down clothes for Crumpet.
394: Crumpet's goofy jokes.
395: I discovered Magic Tree House reference books that go with the stories. We aren't quite ready for them, but I'm excited to know they are out there!
396: Birdsong in the morning.
397:The Valentine's chocolate is gone. Now I can start eating better again..
398: The right kitchen tools for the job.
399: Fun pancake molds.
400: I don't live in the Middle East. That situation is scaring me to death...

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