Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fun Restaurant Activity

We're back, and and we had a wonderful time. I have several blog posts to write, including a couple of travel posts, a post about A Thomas Jefferson Education, a school update, and of course, a huge gratitude post. And I have a million of your blogs to read... I'm guessing it will take me til after Christmas to catch up!
For now, I'll just post this randomness:
We had lunch at a pizza place on Kaua'i. Instead of the standard coloring sheet and crayons, they hand out a ball of pizza dough to keep the kids busy while they wait for their food. I thought, "Oh, how odd", until Crumpet spent hours playing with it, during lunch, and in the car afterward. It's better than playdoh because it holds together really well. We will definitely be using this idea at home!


  1. Welcome back - I hope you really enjoyed your trip!

  2. Welcome back. :-) I can't wait to read everything you've got in store.
    Last year one of our favorite pizza places in WA handed the kids dough - I was really surprised by it and same thing - they loved it!
    Try Mama K's Aromatic Play Clay some time - Crumpet might dig her aromatherapy clays. You'd have to check out the scents, they aren't overwhelming but there may be certain ones he doesn't care for. Personally I loved the lavender.