Saturday, July 16, 2011

Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 601-625

I've been struggling with gratitude lately. Things have been a little grey. Not black, not miserable, just grey. But I believe that is the most important time to look around and see the good around you. It helps brighten everything up, at least a little. It helps to remember that even when things are going wrong, so much is going right. So I've been trying.
Finally, I've come up with 25 things. Today was a particularly good day, so it's easy to put it down on paper today.
601: Baby cardinals
602: Dog squeak toys
603: Confidantes
604: A prepared hurricane kit
605: Lessons in personal growth
606: Very mild chicken pox
607: Crumpet's loving heart
608: Favorite beaches
609: Fireworks over Pearl Harbor
610: I'm signed up for a photography class in August!
611: Hubby will be home for the next 7 months, recovering from shoulder surgery. No sea duty!
612: We replanted the garden.
613: Our school books are ordered
614: We paid for only a few of the books
615: Comfy beach chairs
616: Thrift store shopping
617: Mango sangria. Bliss...
618: I am having a love affair with my food processor...
619: We have access to grocery stores with shelves full of food.
620: Our little visitor dog finally loves Crumpet as much as Crumpet loves the little dog.
621: Brand new, free sheets.
622: So far, school is fun.
623: I had lunch today with an old college friend that I hadn't seen in 20 years. She lives here on Oahu!
624: Reconnecting with old friends is amazing.
625: Facebook helps people find those old friends.


  1. That is an awesome list of things to be grateful for!
    Love your pictures!

  2. I agree - great pictures! Hopefully the grey time will end soon. Who had chicken pox - you or Crumpet?