Friday, May 6, 2011

Last week, there was no post, because we did...nothing... I kind of feel like we are done with kindergarten, so we can take a break. We will gently work on basic skills through the summer, until we are allowed to order our first grade books. They should arrive around mid-July...

This week was more productive.

Phonics: We finished the intermediate portion of Progressive Phonics. For a few weeks, we will read early readers, and then we will move up to the advanced PP books. We got the book You Read to Me, I'll Read to You after seeing it reviewed at Mouse Grows Mouse Learns, and we are enjoying it. The book is set up so parent and child take turns reading parts of a story. There are several of these books, and we are looking forward to getting more of them.

Math: We are working on fun addition games from Family Math for Young Children. We are also doing the occasional lesson from our McRuffy kindergarten math text.
Also, we pretended to go shopping in the pantry, and everything was priced in multiples of 5. That way, Crumpet had to pay me in nickels and practiced counting by fives. Poor Crumpet initiated the shopping game, not realizing I would turn it into a math lesson. Sigh. Life with a homeschooling mother can be a lot of work...

Science: We did quick units on weight and pushing vs. pulling. Now we are done with McRuffy kindergarten science! The store on base had a huge sale on science kits this week, so I bought several, and those should keep us busy during the summer...

Writing: Crumpet had a lot of birthday thank you letters to send out. I used a trick his new teacher taught me, and wrote his name in highlighter on each of them. Then he had to trace his name a LOT of times!

Art: I found these cute bunnies on Deep Space Sparkle. Crumpet said he wasn't interested, so I set up supplies for him, and then made my own bunny. He watched for a while, and then just had to participate. I love the way they came out. (And yes, I realize that I never progressed past first grade art abilities myself...)

Field Trips: We went to the children's museum this week, and we had a really nice time together. I wanted to get there before school gets out and it's packed all the time!

We hope you had a great week! For more preschool posts, visit Homeschool Creations.


  1. I never progressed past K in my drawing abilities :) It's great to take it slow once in a while. I don't have major educational goals for the summer except reading. Maybe we'll do some math reviews preparing for kindergarten.

  2. Sounds like you are going to have a nice, relaxed summer. Too funny about the shopping game. :) I can't believe what a great reader Crumpet has become in such a short time (seems short to me, haha). Matthew is no where near reading, but writes his name all the time... it is so funny how different kids do things at different times (really reinforces the idea that they shouldn't be judged/labeled on what they can or can't do at this age).

    I LOVE your artwork. I have noticed that at this age Matthew really enjoys doing art together - no more just setting him up with something and letting him have at it. I have to make something too. It's good in that it makes me slow down and enjoy something, but not so good in freeing up time for me. ;) Great post!!