Thursday, July 29, 2010

Geography - France

Two weeks ago, Crumpet asked to learn more about France because he was intrigued by the Eiffel Tower. I finally pulled a few things together, and we spent yesterday 'touring' France. First, we read through a few library books about France. We saw pictures of different areas of the country, looked at a few famous French works of art, and I spoke a little (rusty) French. Then, we had fun.
Crumpet colored the French flag. As you can see, he could care less about coloring...
We saw pictures of stained glass in French cathedrals, and attempted to make our own. We grated crayons and then ironed them between two sheets of wax paper. I think we should have used fewer dark colors! And maybe Mom should have ironed so there would be fewer wrinkles...Still, Crumpet loves his work of art. (Warning:the crayon ruins everything it touches.)
We made a folded paper Eiffel Tower. Crumpet is delighted with it.
Then I went all out (not...) and made chocolate croissants to gobble up while we watched the movie The Red Balloon. This is a very sweet movie that I remember watching in French class many years ago (Warning: there are bullies in the movie but they fail in the end.)
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  1. Awesome unit! I am going to bookmark this so that we can copy you. :) That is how Diego colors most of the time. He likes to draw but could care less about coloring. I love the paper Eiffel Tower. Where did you find it?

  2. How fun! We are going to revisit France pretty soon, since we are doing landmark studies, and Eiffel Tower is there. Check this link out - it's a very cute story about a trip to Paris, we enjoyed it a lot. What books did you read?

  3. That's how a lot of our coloring is when it's something I tell them to color. But let them choose the project and the thing is covered in crayon.