Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Art Box 3

The Art Box didn't go very well this week. Crumpet has entered the "No crafts, no way, not ever, no no no" phase. Sigh. I gave him new watercolor markers, feathers, glue, and the rubber stamps. He refused everything except the watercolors, and unfortunately, we didn't have much luck with these. It looked just like regular markers when finished. Has anyone else had better success? Or can you recommend something? Thanks!


  1. LOL - this sounds so much like Anna! We had no luck with watercolors either - at least yours look bright. Ours looked more like colored water.

  2. What a bummer that the watercolor markers didn't work out, I've been waiting to see about these. :( Sorry he's being such a stinker about arts and crafts. M is like this about crafts (although I do think the craft strike is starting to re-enter negotiations). Hmmm... he's a tough one - have you tried letting him make puddles of glue on a paper? LOL, I know it sounds nuts, and messy, but after experimenting with glue a little bit, M fell in love with it and started going collage crazy (I did tell him if he put glue on the paper, something HAD to go on top of it. Oh well, he's lucky he's got a great mom like you that keeps trying!