Friday, September 11, 2009

Tot School Sept. 12

Tot School

Hi! We had a good week in Tot School, despite the fact that Crumpet started out the week refusing to participate in any activities I suggested.

We worked in Crumpet's Kumon tracing book. At first, he would only drive his cars through the mazes. But then he did some practice work with a pencil.
We practiced counting and adding the right number of beads to our numbered fish.
He helped me vacuum several times.
He learned a very important life skill - how to sharpen crayons! He thought this was fabulous, and of course, wanted to sharpen ALL of our crayons...
We did a lot of painting this week, at Crumpet's request. We found this giant pine cone at the playground, and he wanted to paint it.
And we did some splatter painting - outdoors!
I convinced him to do a little lacing, but he really doesn't enjoy this activity.
And we went a really great nature walk. We saw a huge variety of birds, turtles, a snake, and this guy:
And Crumpet sat on this guy:
Hope you all had a good week!


  1. We love Kumon's book of tracing here too. It's really neat that you can see an alligator on the hike - this is not very realistic here in CA :)

  2. I really like your numbered fish and beads activity. Did you make, or purchase it?

    The splatter painting looks fun too.

  3. What a fun week! Did you get the fish number activity from

  4. I cannot believe you saw that alligator on your walk!!!! I would be setting a terrible example by running the other way. =)

  5. I love the splatter painting and the painted pine cone. It looks like a great week!

  6. Hmmmm....wondering if I could borrow him to come and vacuum my place some time? :)

  7. Love the splatter painting! May have to borrow that one. Great pics!

  8. I can't remember where I got those fish - I'm so sorry. I'll have a look around and see if I can track them down.

  9. M loves to use our dustbuster, but I never thought of letting him use the *real* vacuum and its attachments! Hm, now I can really start putting him to work, hee hee. :) I love the look of concentration on his face while he's sharpening his crayon! And wow, that alligator! I'm impressed you took a picture - I would've been running away at first sight!